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0.07 C YY LASH-95
0.07 C YY LASH-96
0.07 C YY LASH-97
0.07 C YY LASH-98

0.07 C YY LASH


Material:Korea PBT Fiber



Length:8-15 mm


Specification:4 lines/6 lines/8 lines/10 lines/12 lines/16 lines/18 lines/20 lines/More

Package:Customized Package Accepted

Services:OEM/ODM Private Label

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Product Detiles


YY lashes, which are also called dreamcatcher eyelashes and tulip eyelashes, are made from four individual lashes in one cluster, the bottle of it has a unique cross weave shapes showing more fluffy. The lash is easy for eyelash extension, and it can saves much time.

It is a new batch of lash extensions, which has proved to be one of the most popular products in the world market. YY lashes are used with classic lashes to make the volume effect. That’s so incredible! It helps bridge the gap between classic lashes and volume lashes.  


Y shape lashes provide an interlaced effect with less weight, make a voluminous and dramatic look without wearing too heavy and speed to the application.In the market, YY lashes usually provide 0.05 and 0.07 thickness. And usually act as 2D premade fans. They offer excellent retention because of their straight base which can able to provide a larger contact area. Intertwined with each other, the mesh is more dense and more natural.


Darebeauty YY lash extension with various size for you to choose. At the same time, make sure every detail in Perfect!

Superior Material: Material comes with light,soft and natural three main features.

Dense and Easy to Pick: neat at the top and crisscross texture in the middle to make them look dense, the roots are clear that the artist is easy to grip the eyelashes.

Save Time and Convenient: It is very fast to make 4D fan when gripping the YY lash which saves a lot of times.

Various Styles: Different thicknesses for customers to choose, it can suitable for any kind of eyes.

No Residue: Our lash is no stick and residue, no glue on the root, easy to grip.

Suitable for Busy Time: Fast application, a pairs eyes only need 40-60 roots, saving 50% time.

100% Handmade: Hand-woven 100% and sterilized through high temperature anti-allergy and protect eyes.

Easy To Pick: Foils wallpaper is convenient for picking up and transfer, not easy to be out of shape and broken.



Qingdao Dare Beauty Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, is a leading professional manufacturer of eyelash products, with more than 20 years of eyelash processing experience.


We integrate research, design, manufacturing and sales. We mainly provide strip eyelashes and eyelash extensions.


Most of our technicians have more than 20 years of experience in this industry. We provide OEM orders for all products, customize any style according to your size, pictures and descriptions, and make eyelashes and packaging with private labels according to your requirements.


We have established a strict quality control system. Our goal is to create the most valuable eyelash products for customers. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term and stable business relationship with you in the near future.



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