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Product Center

Darebeauty is a famous eyelash factory in China, We have more than ten years of production experience and supply to many countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. We have professional eyelash factory, label box factory, for customized brands.

Our lashes factory has strict production process and special quality inspection department. Your orders will go through multiple quality inspections ensure that customers can receive the best quality lashes. Only in this way will our cooperation be better, win-win cooperation

As we all know, eyelashes have many different styles, their effects are different, such as volume, classic, easy fanning, premade fans, YY lashes and more, which styles do you use usually?

Here we are going to introduce YY eyelashes. The shape of YY eyelashes looks like “Y”, so the name is called YY eyelashes. Generally Y lashes has 0.05 0.07 thickness C D curl and 8-15mm length. Our YY eyelashes have the best quality in the market, we have matte black and glossy black, very soft. Lashes artists can make different styles according to customers' requirements. all YY eyelashes style, or style that mixed volume lashes and YY lashes, all very beautiful and popular.

Different customers prefer different materials, so our yy eyelashes also specially made different materials for customers, mink, silk, korean PBT, all materials are available. You can choose the suitable lashes material.

Besides YY eyelashes, what other similar eyelashes are there? W and V eyelashes! They are all similar, W and V shape, all good choices for your lash business. 

Also, We have many other styles of eyelash extension products. Please through our website and  request for free!! We will provide you with the best service!!

The above are some introductions and descriptions of YY eyelashes. Of course, we have more styles popular and high-quality eyelashes. Please through our website and request for free!! We will offer you the best service!!