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0.05 YY LASH


Brand:Darebeauty lashes

Material: Korea PBT, black and soft




Color: matte black

Line:10,12,16,18,20 etc

Sample: support test first

OEM:private logo, customized case, best professional design team.

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Product Detiles

What is YY lash

YY Lash is a predictive fan. It is composed of four eyelashes in total. Its bottom is very long and its tip is a split fan. The process of YY eyelash grafting, it can better make up for the distance between classic eyelashes and create a three-dimensional, full, soft and fluffy effect.YY eyelashes leave a long contact area for its bottom, which can better enhance the adhesion with natural eyelashes.

Our YY eyelashes are widely used in 0.05 and 0.07 coarseness, and the available C/D/CC/DD curl is used by most customers.


Bottom line: Classic Mascara: It takes 90 to 120 minutes to complete a classic mascara and 30 to 60 minutes to apply it once. Eyelash extensions: It takes 90 to 150 minutes for a full eyelash blend and 60 to 90 minutes for a touch up.

How to Pick YY Lashes?

In order to prevent YY eyelashes from falling easily, when you use YY eyelashes, you need to clamp the middle part of the eyelashes with tweezers. Before the bottom of the eyelashes is divided into YY shapes, it is important to keep the shape of YY eyelashes intact.

Here is a great way to take off your YY eyelashes without letting them fall! You can use tweezers to lift YY eyelashes up from the base of the eyelashes, and then use tweezers to pick out the part below YY split.


YY eyelashes have started to be classified as the new blend and many of our top eyelash customers have switched from YY eyelashes to YY eyelashes now. They like faster apps, but still have the same volume effect. YY eyelashes have a long, flat base, just like the classic flat eyelashes, which is why they are so easy and quick to apply. Their long soles provide the eyeliner effect, as well as providing amazing retention, which is a big part of why customers love them so much.

Some considerations

Use e-appropriate eyelash glue: YY eyelash grafting should use special eyelash glue to reduce the risk of eyelash allergy, and use simple glue to avoid eyelashes looking sticky.

Avoid heavy lashes: Lashes of different thicknesses will have different weights. During the grafting process, do not apply too many YY lashes on your natural lashes to prevent adding extra pressure to your natural lashes. The lighter the better.

Avoid too long eyelashes: It is necessary to choose the right length. YY eyelashes are not suitable for using too long eyelashes. We suggest a regular length of 8mm-10mm, which will be comfortable and natural when grafted.


If you want to do YY eyelashes, find an experienced and skilled eyelash technician to help you use your lashes, and don't try it yourself if you don't have any ideas. And the application of eyelash extension is skilled, and you'll need to do some eyelash training to get familiar with it.




Q1. Are you a factory or a middleman?

-- We are an eyelash factory.


Q2: Can I test the sample first?

-- Yes. There are sample tests.


Q3: When is the delivery time?

Depending on the details and quantity of your order, the general delivery time is 3-4 working weeks.


Q4: Do you provide OEM and ODM services?

We can help you to make your own label, we have a professional design team and carton, paper card factory.


Q5. How to order eyelashes?

A:let us know your request or application.

B:we offer as per your request.

C:the customer confirms the model and makes a formal order with a deposit.

D:we arrange production. I'll send it to you when it's finished.

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