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Flat lash extension manufacturer

As a wholesale flat lash extension manufacturer, we have 10 years history.we can provide high-end flat eyelashes, We have more than 200 handmade eyelashes for workers produce nearly 1 million boxes with 200 major companies worldwide. flat lashes' own soft and light features help a large number of women become more beautiful and elegant. We accept customized paper cards and beautiful customized paper boxes, which can help our customers better sell their products. For transportation, we cooperate with DHL and Fedex Express Company to reach all parts of the world in 3-5 days .Contact me to order customized flat lashes.

With the development of eyelash grafting art, ellipse flat lash is popular in the eyelash market. It has the coarseness of classic eyelashes and the softness and lightness of blossoming eyelashes. Many eyelash artists are into those eyelash products.

Flat eyelashes are the perfect item for you If you want a wispy eye effect without adding weight to natural lashes. These lashes are flattened and the shape makes the lash itself super soft and much lighter than the typical one. The concave surface on a Flat lash provides a greater contact area for adhesion fastening which makes the lashes last much longer than normal extension.

Cashmere Flat lashes are lighter, offering the width of a 0.15mm and 0.20mm lash extension without adding extra weight. 0.15mm thickness flat lashes will feel like 0.07mm conventional lashes. Darker, thicker lash looks can be achieved but won’t feel uncomfortable or damage the natural lashes. This makes flat lashes ideal for clients with thin and/or short natural lashes.