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0.20 Cashmere Flat Lashes-182
0.20 Cashmere Flat Lashes-183
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0.20 Cashmere Flat Lashes


Brand: Darebeauty lashes

Material: Korea PBT, matte black and soft

Thickness: 0.10,0.15,0.20

Curl: J,B,C, D, CC, DD,  L, LC, LD, M

Length: 7-20mm 

Color: matte black

Line: 10,12,16,18,20 etc

Sample: support test first

OEM: private logo, a customized case, the best professional design team.

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Product Detiles

What are ellipse flat lashes


Ellipse flat eyelashes have a variety of curvatures, thicknesses, and thicknesses, which can satisfy many customers' grafting of different styles of eyelashes. The effect is just like that of regular classic eyelashes. However, the most basic difference between flat eyelashes and classic eyelashes is the bottom. As you know, oval lashes are flat at the bottom. In other words, instead of a round and rounded classic lash, flat lashes have a flatter oval base, which makes the lashes themselves super soft and much lighter than classic lashes.


Another characteristic of elliptical flat lashes is a slight split at the tip of the lash, which adds a softer lash and gives the overall fluffy and three-dimensional effect after the client finishes grafting. As such, flat eyelashes are an easy choice for customers who want to achieve a dramatic look but can't handle the weight of regular lashes.

Our Flat eyelashes are available in 0.10,0.15 and 0.20 thicknesses to meet the different needs of our customers on single-length trays and mixed-length trays.

The benefit of using flat lashes


Flat eyelashes have several benefits and their use is perfect in a classic or hybrid eyelash extension set. Their grafts are denser, more three-dimensional, and more dramatic than classic lashes of the same weight. Flat lashes are perfect for clients who want dramatic lashes but can't stand the weight of regular lashes. In addition, clients can use flat eyelash extensions without damaging their natural lashes.


Due to the shape of the flat lashes, their curves hug the natural lashes more closely, creating a better fit. When using flat lashes, it is not necessary to use as much glue to hold the lashes in place as they are perfectly shaped and have more contact with the natural lashes. Many eyelash artists also say that flat lashes extend better than classic lashes.

What is the difference between flat and classic lashes?


Classic lashes are rounded at the base, while flat lashes have a flatter, more oval bottom. Because of this, flat lashes look completely different from classic lashes of the same weight. Flat lashes create more of a slim eyeliner effect on the eye, while classic lashes create a very subtle natural look.


One of the great things about classic lashes is that they can be placed on the top, side, or bottom of natural lashes. Flat lashes should only be placed on the top or bottom of natural lashes.


Our company offers lashes in different lengths, thicknesses, and curvatures, so both types of lashes can be customized to suit customers' preferences.



1. Are you a trading company or a lash factory?

-We are one of the largest lash extension factories in China for 10 years.


2. What are the materials of your lash extension?

- Korea PBT, best matte black and super soft.


3. Do you have discounts depending on different quantities?

-Yes, larger quantities, better prices. For any orders, we ship them by air.


4. Do you accept customized eyelash extensions?

 - Yes, we do. We have professional designers to help you make your own label and customized lash box.


5. Do you have MOQ of eyelash extensions?

- With our own brand, MOQ is 100 trays,

With your private label, MOQ is 300 trays.


6. What is your lead time of order?

- Delivery nearly 4 business weeks.

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