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Darebeauty easy fan lash trays are the perfect lashes for lash artists who want to speed up their fanning time or need a little help making fans. They have a small amount of adhesive at the bottom of each lash strip to aid fanning and to keep them together as one beautiful fan when you take it off the strip. Our factory has been established for 30 years and provides more than 2000000 trays to worldwide wholesalers. And we also accept customized orders to help you increase your own business. Let’s grow up together!                                        

Due to its special and user-friendly improvement from the traditional volume, Easy fanning lash extension have widely used now in worldwide eyelash shops. Easy fan volume lashes help reduce time during a custom volume set. They are especially helpful when applied using Russian Volume and Mega Volume techniques. It can be frustrating to quickly create volume lashes by hand, especially as a new lash tech.

Why easy fanning can blossom by itself because it with suitable for more glue and lash fiber on the strip. So it can make fans by itself when picking up.

How do easy fan lashes work-if you want to open a few lashes, you just need to grab a few lashes. The root of the eyelashes will not separate, any flowering, and novices can operate.

As best related easy fanning lashes, they should be easily removed from the transfer belt and easy for automatic flowering. Meanwhile, for lash material, 100% Korea PBT will be best, matte black and soft. Absolutely, Darebeauty lash factory matches all!