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Darebeauty Eyelash factory is the best eyelash extensions manufacturer in China. We support TOP10 famous lash brands for over 10 years and already help them be successful.

As we all know. Volume eyelash extensions are the most popular products in the lash market. That’s our star product also. what’s DB's best lash extension advantage and what different volume eyelashes we can do?

1. We offer luxurious matte/shiny surfaces to match different customer demands and then can do different effect look.

2. The lashes are deep blackest and super soft then making the eye looks charming.

3. Our volume lashes are easy to make fans and non-sticky in the base .it helps the artist spread and move it with ease then do hybrid volume /mega volume beautifully with correct lash mapping.DB lash is very popular for an artist who does online lash training. We can help you customize the volume lash kit under your brand.

Here are so many customers who want to know what’s the difference between russian volume lash extensions vs classic.

The answer is volume works with fans. Artists need to do the 2D-14D fans by themselves with volume lash fur. Then make an eye more charming/thick. Classic is set up with one-by-one lash fur. It's easy to work and makes the eyes look natural.

Also, we have brown volume eyelashes except for black. Please through our website for more products and request for free!