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0.07 Volume lash


Brand:Darebeauty lashes

Material: Korea PBT, matte black and soft




Color: black

Line:10,12,16,18,20 etc

Sample: support test first

OEM:private logo, customized case, best professional design team.

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Product Detiles


Your Trusted Lash Extensions Factory

with Private-Label Excellence. Sample accept, Customized accept.

Our best selling 0.07 volume lashes is designed for professional Russian Volume lashes set.

Its super soft and jet deep black. The lashes thickness and weight is very closed to our natural lashes. Its very suitable to creating charming eyelash look and lasted for long days.

We can do 2lines-32 lines per trays according customer demands. But the most popular selling are 16 lines. It can comes in same length and mix length both to match different customer demands. You can choose different size tray to creating variety look. We have J/B/C/CC/D/DD/M/L/LC/LD curl for your choose. Then you can suit all your customer eye shape.


And our lashes are made from 100% cruelty-free PBT fiber. No animal test and vegan.

Also our single lashes available in thickness from 0.02-0.25. length from 5mm-25mm for your choose.


If you are hard to find the best volume lashes. Welcome to try our lashes -You will love it !  Its easy to peel off of the non-sticky strip with no residue. Its easy to make big fans can keep beautiful shape. You can find our fans that make of high quality fibers is more easy to match natural lashes and last longer times-- All your customer will come back and be your super fans!

How to use the lashes ?

1. Peel the right numbers fibers off the strip and place onto your lash tile and then pinching lashes together with tweezers or fingers to creating a beautiful fan or you can make the fans by tweezers on the strip straight.

2. Dip the fans roots to the professional Darebeauty eyelash extension glue

3. Place onto the natural lashes

We suggest use 0.07 lashes to do biggest 6d fans if the customer have strong natural lashes. If not , then use 3D is ok . We should allow lash health is most important always.

Our volume lashes fiber in short-end tips compares to others. their matte deep black lash fiber can make full dark mega-volume lash sets. The curls are stable and consistent over 500days. high temperature resistant to 90 degrees. It's 100% cruelty-free in all products.

Our customers aim to artist/salon/training academy/distributor/supermarket etc. Customer cover 300+ countries.




We have our design team do the label/case for you. the label is in a foil back strip. neat and easy to remove with no messy glue.


The package is in a variety of plastic cases and recycle cardboard cases. Come true to your all ideas!


The step for private label: if you have your logo done. Our design team will do the case and label card template for you check (you can show us your ides about it ). if you are new in lash brand . our design team can do full design including logo also.


We use spot color printing then ensue no color different for your lash card and case . Also stamping print technology to come true all your beautiful design!


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