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Darebeauty Lash is a well-known premade fan lash extensions supplier in China, located in Qingdao, Shandong Province. We started from the factory and we have opened the trade department since 2008. As a premade lash fan vendor, we have more than ten years of eyelash production and trade experience. With our high-quality products and perfect service, we cooperate with many famous eyelash brands in the world.

The following is the product introduction of premade fan lash. As we all know, premade fan lashes are a product that can make the grafting process simple and save time. Premade fans are generally divided into three categories: short-stem lashes, long-stem lashes, and middle-stem lashes(also called point-based lashes). Each type of product is distinguished according to the different base. The effect of grafting on the eyes is also different. Different customers prefer different styles.

What are the advantages of premade fans lashes compared with volume, classic? Usually, premade fan lash trays have 2D lashes 3D lashes 4D 5D 6D to 20D. As we know when lashes master use volume, they need to pick up the lashes from the strip and do fans by themselves. But if premade volume fans, they just need to pick up fans, touch glue, and then directly graft them on the eyes. They can get very beautiful fans directly, saving time and energy!

Many customers want to know the difference between short stem lash, long stem lash, and middle stem lash(also called point base lash). The stems of short stem fan lash and long stem fan lash are short and long respectively, and the stem of the point base fan lash is slim and thin. Their grafting effects are different. The best way is to test all of them and then choose which one is best for you!!

Also, We have many other styles of eyelash extension products. Please through our website and request for free!! We will provide you with the best service!!