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Long Stem Premade Fans-216
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Long Stem Premade Fans-682
Long Stem Premade Fans-686

Long Stem Premade Fans


Name: Premade Fans Lashes Extension

Thickness: 0.05/0.07/0.10

Curl: C/CC/D/DD

Length: 8-18MM and Mix

Materials: High Quality Korean PBT, matte black and light weight

Style: 2D/3D/4D/5D/6D/7D/8D/9D/10D/12D/14D/20D

Service: OEM, Customized logo and package

Color: Black

Type: 100% Hand Made

Bond: Heat Bonded no glue knot

Certificate: CE/ISO9001/OHSAS18001/ISO14001

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Product Detiles


DAREBEAUTY have both long stem and short stem ,pointy base, and loose fans Long stem premade fans feature a long, thin, heat bonded base and are easier to work.

As the leader of the eyelash factory in China, we have been committed to developing the lashes products that are most suitable for lash artists and with the best quality. We have own professional lash artists, so we can more clearly know customers' real requests and hobbies.

Then we will introduce our best premade fans lashes according to your requests!

Our premade fans lashes materials have mink silk and Korean PBT, all are very popular in the market. It is generally divided into 3 styles: short stem,long stem and point base.

Premade fans are divided into 2D to 20D according to the quantity of lashes. Usually customers prefer 3D 4D 5D 6D, Of course, others like 8D 9D 10D 12D are also very popular!

Which one do you prefer?

We have most popular type premade fans: Short stem/ Long stem/ point base (slim base/middle stem) .Now let’s talk about long Stem and Short Stem here . If you want to know more about point base . Please check it in our website



Long stem premade fans have thinner root, Then you can put more fans on the eye to make more thick and voluminous look . It will have more fans in same diameter because the long thinner base



If you want more natural look but with premade fans. Short stem will be better for you .and the short stem fans flower be bigger because the roots are short. Whatever short stem or long stem you choose . You should think about you want dramatic dense look or natural charming look.


We are accept to do both single length and mix length tray then you can choose different size to do full set straight. The long stem tray size available in 12 rows-120 fans/16 rows-160 fans/big case 12 rows -240 fans/big case 16 rows -320 fans/XXL trays-640 fans.

All of our premade fans are heat bonded,so it with very light weight to make customer comfortable and wont damage natural health lash. Our premade fans are 100% hand made in best quality to make sure each fan beautiful.

Longer base is good for new lash artist who want to do fluffy volume set. Its very similar with classic lash applying. We suggest our 3D fans ro new artist who are only training with classic or wan to practice volume set skill .Also if you want to save more time when doing eyelash set . You can try premade fans also. And we don’t suggest customer to use big fans like 6D/8D/10D or more until you pass full volume training


1. Pick up the fans with best tweezers, grab the fans base and peel off from the strip(if you use the wrong way will damage the fibers then the fans spread

2. Dip into eyelash extension glue ,pick up the eyelash fans into a 1-2s drying glue. If you use fast dry glue. Please use a little more glue than normal handmade fans . You will find the long stem is more easy to apply 


1. Are you a trading company or a lash factory?

-We are one of the largest lash extension factories in China for 10 years.


2. What are the materials of your lash extension?

- Korea PBT, best matte black and super soft.


3. Do you have discounts depending on different quantities?

-Yes, larger quantities, better prices. For any orders, we ship them by air.


4. Do you accept customized eyelash extensions?

 - Yes, we do. We have professional designers to help you make your own label and customized lash box.


5. Do you have MOQ of eyelash extensions?

- With our own brand, MOQ is 100 trays,

With your private label, MOQ is 300 trays.


6. What is your lead time of order?

- Delivery nearly 4 business weeks.

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