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What Are Colored Eyelash Extensions?

Colored lash extensions are made of synthetic fibers material, colored lashes have many colors, such as blue, pink, green, white, red, brown and etc. Make your eyelashes look more colorful and distinctive.

Of course, generally customers won't do colored lash extensions, because most people prefer black eyelashes, but it has to be said that colored lash extension has been increasing in recent years, and will be more and more popular in the future.

Usually, customers will choose colored lash extensions for these reasons:

1. Distinctive effect style. Because of its various exaggerated colors, colored eyelashes form a sharp contrast with our black natural eyelashes, which are bold and boastful, will add a lot of color and passion to your eyelashes.

2. Some special occasions. Some customers will attend special activities, such as Halloween, parties, dances and weddings. In this case, colored eyelashes will be a very amazing choice.

3. For promotional videos or photos. Sometimes, because of the requirements of work or life, we need to take special videos or photos with colorful elements. In this case, colored lashes extension will be an essential choice.

How To Use The Right Color

When choosing the right color, we should pay attention to the color of customers' eyes and skin. Generally, light eyelashes such as white, purple and light brown are suitable for dark eyes, and dark eyelashes such as green and blue are suitable for light eyes, which will be more suitable and more comfortable. The same is true for skin color.

However, these are all for common situations. If you encounter special situations, such as flame-related scenes, you can choose red. If it is a theme related to forests, you can choose green.If it is Halloween, you can choose orange, which will be more suitable.

Some Tips For Colored Lash Extension Artists

1. Colored eyelashes extensions are slightly different from normal black eyelashes. It need to more time and energy to choose the more suitable color, so as to make better eyelashes effect, and gain more customers, then your business will be better and better.

2. Because it takes more time and energy, the colored lashes extensions fee can be appropriately raised, don’t worry about the price, your amazing final eyelash effects will make clients feel that everything is worth more.

3. You need to choose the right glue. Generally, the lashes artist will choose the black glue, because it can match with our black natural lashes. However, this is not the case in the colored lashes. Black glue will conflict with color eyelashes. Transparent glue will be a better choice for us. In this way, the effect of color eyelashes will be more perfect.

If you have any problems about eyelashes extension, please contact us, Darebeauty will try best to help you!! Hope your business and life better and better.