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0.05 Volume lash


Brand:Darebeauty lashes

Material: Korea PBT, matte black and soft




Color: black

Line:10,12,16,18,20 etc

Sample: support test first

OEM:private logo, customized case, best professional design team.

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Product Detiles

Features of volume lashes extension

We supply vegan mink eyelash extensions, 100% handmade high quality in korean pbt lash fiber,Sample accept and customized accept. Volume lash extensions are made by attaching two or more separate extensions to each natural lash. First fan them out, unfurl the desired number of lashes with tweezers and, as a "bouquet", apply adhesive to each natural lash.

Volume eyelash extensions add some length and volume to a very natural look, making it very striking and three-dimensional. Lashes range from 2D to 6D, and anything over 4D will make it look like your client is wearing one lash instead of the natural look of classic and blended hair extensions. This technique can be accomplished using prefabricated fans, or fans can be made by hand using special tweezers. The scallops are still attached to the natural lashes, but they come in 0.02, 0.03, 0.05, 0.07 specs and are lighter than classic lashes in terms of thickness. It usually takes 2-4 hours, depending on whether the technician uses a pre-made fan.

Which Are The Suitable Eyelash Extensions? Volume or Classic or Hybrid Lashes

Volume eyelash extensions usually use synthetic fibers and a different technique to create more volume. They usually provide more volume.


Classic extensions are a choose that you want long, thick lashes that look natural.


Hybrid eyelash extensions include both of these techniques to create any desired look.


Classic lashes create an elegant and timeless everyday look, while Volume lashes extensions enhance your lashes by adding volume and texture. More and more women are now looking for the voluminous fluttery looking that comes with volume lashes. So, if you're looking for something a little bold, why not experiment with different curls, textures and sizes and experiment to find your perfect style?

Why choose US?

1. We have Good-quality with competitive factory price.

2. We have our own factory with skilled workers, having stable production capacity.

3. Our company have professional sales man, can provide professional service to you.

4. We are online 24 hours a day. Supply quick response for your questions and inquire.

5. We do customized order, Supply OEM&ODM service.

6. We supply samples that different sizes to test quality.

Customer’s reviews when using Darebeauty Volume lashes extensions


Grafting Volume lashes is to make the eyelashes thicker within a period of time. The beauty seeker can repeat the grafting again according to the condition of the eyelashes, which can keep the eyelashes thick and make the eyes look bigger and look very dynamic.


As a leader in the supply of high-end curling eyelashes in the global market, our company receives a large number of good comments and feedback from customers every day. Their affirmation is the driving force for our continuous improvement. We love to make our girls look more refined and beautiful.


1.What material do you use?

We used imported Korea PBT fiber. Very softer and darker.

2.What is the minimum order quantity?

100 trays after sample order.

3. What's the shipping cost?

Shipping fee depends on the weight, please kindly tell us the quantities that you need.

4. How can I get samples?

Samples can be shipped within 24 hours, you can send the size, length, thickness and curl you need.

5. Do you do customizing packages?

Yes. We supply OEM&ODM service.

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