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0.10 Cashmere Flat Lashes-196
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0.10 Cashmere Flat Lashes


Brand: Darebeauty lashes

Material: Korea PBT, matte black and soft

Thickness: 0.10,0.15,0.20

Curl: J,B,C, D, CC, DD, L, LC, LD, M

Length: 7-20mm 

Color: matte black

Line: 10,12,16,18,20 etc

Sample: support test first

OEM: private logo, a customized case, the best professional design team.

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Product Detiles

What about flat lashes?


As we all know, flat eyelashes are a revolution of classic lashes. It has the same thickness as classic lashes but only half the weight. It can bring out the dramatic dimensions of classic lashes without damaging the health of natural lashes.


Generally speaking, flat lashes are 75% thinner than classic lashes. With the same thickness and curvature, flat lashes can fill in and correct the gap with natural lashes. Grafting can achieve full and eyeliner effects. He can achieve the most comfortable grafting experience for customers.

Many eyelash artists around the world agree that using flat lashes improves the retention of lashes, and their clients are happier using flat lashes to create an attractive artistic effect while relaxing the eyes. As a famous flat eyelash manufacturer in China, Darebeauty lashes provides eyelash artists around the world with different effects of flat eyelashes. Various thicknesses, curvature, and lengths have reached customers' multiple choices.


Are Flat Or Classic Lashes Better?


The use of flat lashes is superior to the use of traditional eyelashes, which should be healthier, lighter, and softer, and will not damage the original natural eyelashes. The use of glue can be reduced due to the small coverage area of the base in the grafting process, which has better retention.


Flat eyelashes are better than traditional eyelashes because they are safer, healthier, lighter, softer, and have better retention, which means customers are more satisfied. Flat lashes can easily create a beautiful eyeliner effect. Because of its lightweight, it is an ideal choice for customers with short or thin eyelashes.

Secondly, the flat lash of some brands can only be placed on the top or bottom of the natural eyelashes, which has fewer functions in the application. This is not the case with flawless flat eyelashes! Our flat eyelash extensions are unique in shape, so they can be applied to your client's top, bottom, and side eyelashes.


Therefore, if you want light eyelashes, you need very little adhesive. It is good for customers with weak and short natural eyelashes, but you can still get a beautiful natural appearance - flat lash is absolutely suitable for you!

How to use flat lashes?


Here are some professional skills to let you master the use of flat lashes quickly!


1. Due to the flat shape of the flat lash root, the flat lash should be smeared with glue from the top or bottom of the natural eyelashes during the grafting process, which can perfectly cover the shape of the bottom of the flat lash to achieve a good retention effect. Remember not to graft on the side of the natural eyelashes.


2. Flat lash can easily be grafted into a textured three-dimensional mixed eyelash. When you are grafting eyelashes, you need to mix the flat lash with other hairs. First, apply flat eyelashes on about 50% of the customer's natural eyelashes, and then fill the rest with 2-3 mm short blossoming eyelashes. Your clients will definitely like your slim eyelashes!


However, flat lash also has many advantages, including the ability to create dramatic effects without damaging the customer's natural eyelashes. We suggest you try them and consider offering them to your customers so that you can offer them different choices! Now, go to Darebeauty lashes to try flat eyelashes!

Why choose Darebeauty flat lashes?


1. Darebeauty is a factory with 10 years of eyelash production experience. Our eyelashes are sold well in Europe and America. We transport more than 200000 boxes of eyelashes every month. We accompany our customers with their growth and development.


2. Darebeauty has a professional design team and manufacturing team. We can accept various styles of brand customization and design from customers to help them create a perfect brand.


3. We have cooperated with DHL and FedEx for more than 10 years, and we can ship goods to customers in three days.

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