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0.15 Cashmere Flat Lashes


Brand: Darebeauty lashes

Material: Korea PBT, matte black and soft

Thickness: 0.10,0.15,0.20

Curl: J,B,C, D, CC, DD, L, LC, LD, M

Length: 7-20mm 

Color: matte black

Line: 10,12,16,18,20 etc

Sample: support test first

OEM: private logo, a customized case, the best professional design team.

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Product Detiles

Features of flat lashes


The root of the flat lash is concave, so there will be more glue contact surfaces. The firmness and durability of eyelash grafting are stable with ordinary eyelashes. Flat eyelashes are used for the top or bottom of the natural lashes.


Flat lashes make lashes appear thicker while requiring less weight. 

The wide base creates a dramatic eyeliner effect along the lash line by filling and sealing the gaps between your natural lashes.


Cashmere Flat lashes offer the width of a 0.15mm and 0.20mm lash extension without adding extra weight. 0.15mm thickness flat lashes will feel like 0.07mm conventional lashes. Darker, thicker lash looks can be achieved but won’t feel uncomfortable or damage the natural lashes.

Flat lash Achieve a win-win situation for the eyelash grafters and their customers


1. Maintain the interests of customers and reduce costs for customers

Flat lashes allow clients to achieve eye-catching lash results while maintaining comfort and retention. For clients who want thicker lashes but hate the weight of their lashes, flat lashes are the best option.


2. Reflect on the advantages of artist grafting

Since flat lashes create a soft texture, the lash artist is free to interact with the design of the lash extensions, which helps create attractive and creative lash lines.

Another significant benefit of the Flat Eyelash Extension Disc is that it improves lash retention, allowing the lashes to adhere better to the client's natural lashes and last longer than regular classic lashes. Therefore, eyelash artists prefer to use oval lashes to satisfy their customers.

Why choose Darebeauty lashes?


1. We are a global enterprise focusing on providing high-end eyelash products in industry and trade. Our main product is flat hair, which provides the most favorable support for customers in Europe, America, and Australia and promotes the development of customers' businesses.


2. Our eyelash raw materials are carefully selected from the highest quality materials imported from Korea to ensure a high level of a black base, soft texture, and long-lasting.


3. We have our own packaging factory and design team, to meet customers' aesthetic and luxury eyelash needs, the cost is three times that of other small factories.

4. We have a professional hand-made team, all eyelashes are hand-made step by step and reviewed by a professional quality inspection team.


5. We cooperate with express companies such as DHL and FedEx, all eyelashes can be delivered within 3 days after production.


6. We support flexible payment methods and make our own deposits to ensure the smooth operation of a business for different types of customers



Customer’s reviews when using Darebeauty flat lashes extensions


As the supply leader of high-end flat eyelashes in the global market, we will receive praise and feedback from customers every day. Their affirmation is our driving force for continuous progress. We like to let girls see the exquisite and beautiful. 

Customers' affirmation of our quality makes us believe that we have chosen the right path, Our customers’ support gives us more confidence that we are on the right track and Darebeauty Lashes will try to further promote the strengths of flat lashes to meet the demands of the increasingly competitive eyelash extension market.



1. What is your MOQ?

MOQ is 100 trays.

2. What are the materials for lashes?

The main materials used are silk&cashmere&Korean PBT fiber

3. How we can make an order?

1) Look through the catalog

2) Message us the know the style you needed for each style.

3) We will reply with a price quotation

4) Confirm your order

5) We will inform you of the “ready date”

6) Arrange payment for your order

4. What is the price range for each tray of eyelashes?

Please contact us for specific lash prices based on the specific style.

5. Do you take orders for customizing packages?

Yes. We accept customized label cards and packing.

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