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0.07 D YY LASH-88
0.07 D YY LASH-89
0.07 D YY LASH-90
0.07 D YY LASH-91

0.07 D YY LASH


Brand: Darebeauty YY eyelash extensions

Thickness: 0.05, 0.07

Curl: C, CC, D, DD

Length: 8-15mm

Materials: Korean PBT, matte black and soft

Rows: 6 Rows, 12 Rows, 14 Rows, 16 Rows, 18 Rows, 20 Rows

Service: OEM, Customized logo and package

Color: Black

Certificate: CE/ISO9001/OHSAS18001/ISO14001

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Product Detiles

About Our YY Lashes

Darebeauty YY lashes are the new unique look between classic and volume lashes. They are almost like 2D premade fans so pick up much easier. Also meet your need as volume lashes so give you a full, gorgeous and different look!

1. Our YY lash extensions are the best Korean PBT fiber, lightweight, matte black and ultra soft, loved by most our customers.                                                                                                             


2. The YY lashes are glued together by the roots of the two single eyelash extensions to create a Y shape, it allows you to create a natural look and does not easy to fall off after extension.


3. Save your time and pick up easier.


4. 100% handmade, Cruelty-Free, 100% vegan, Eco-friendly. No test on animals.


5. The foil backing on every lash strip makes it easy to remove and place without leaving any sticky residue. Foil bottom cards, strips can be used multiple times.


6. We produce more than two million trays per year to cooperate with many famous brands all over the world, get so many of our own patent certificate to show our product quality and strength, we also apply CE, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 certificates to guarantee our quality.

How To Use YY Lashes

YY lashes are a new trend according to customers’ needs. They are technically a premade fans, made up of 4 strands and they are applied more like a classic lashes look but create a volume lash look. Due to their Y shape so they are called YY lashes. But do you know how to use them? Let’s talk together!


Firstly you can grab the YY lashes halfway between the top and the bottom of the extension. The key to keeping the YY lashes is grabbing just before the base splits into the YY which you will see is about halfway on the extension, secondly you can dip the end into the glue, lastly apply it as a classic lash extension, apply on your client’s  

natural lash.

Custom Private Label & Package

Start your dream with Darebeauty. We can help you to create your own brand at the lowest cost. We have our professional design department, can do beautiful designs as you need. The length, width, size and colors of the label cards can be customized, and choose the suitable box type for your product. For package we provide a variety of colored plastic cases and recycle customized cardboard cases. You can find the best one here! Let’s do your brand perfectly together!

Inquire Now

If you have any questions or needs about the product, please fill in the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible.