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0.07 D Camellia Lash-113
0.07 D Camellia Lash-114
0.07 D Camellia Lash-115
0.07 D Camellia Lash-116

0.07 D Camellia Lash


Material: Korea PBT matte black and soft


Curl: J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, LC, LD, M

Length:7/9/11, 8/10/12, 9/11/13,10/12/14

Color: Black

Line:10 rows,12 rows,16 rows,18 rows,20 rows, etc

Style: Volume/Mega Volume/Hybrid Volume

Sample: accept

OEM: accept. Private Label own Brand

PAYMENT TERM: western union, PayPal, bank transfer

Delivery: DHL, FedEx

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Product Detiles


Camellia lashes have a special length in rows like 7/9/10,8/10/12,11/12/13, the length is arranged in a way that is based on the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes. Because these features are perfect for creating more natural fan shapes and giving the clients the feathery look effect they are looking for, camellia lashes are more popular in the lash studio and lash academy. With different lash lengths, you can create multiple layers of volume lashes more successfully. This allows you to easily generate eyelash fans of different lengths, giving your clients a more natural three-dimensional lash effect.


There are three lengths of eyelashes in one row. Customers who are difficult to choose length will be satisfied with this. At the same time, it is also cost-effective, making the lash artists more efficient and cost-effective. The two things that kill two birds with one stone have created the popularity of this kind of eyelash.


How do make fans of camellia lashes? The answer is the same usage of regular volume lashes. Regular volume lashes make fans with the same dimensional, camellia lashes can make multi-dimensional fans for natural customers.


Our lashes are handmade and the color is darker, the eyelash on each row can be thickened. The material is Korean PBT, they are Cruelty-Free,100% vegan, and Eco-friendly. Can create super soft, fluffy, full effect eyelashes extension. Our lashes are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to graft without the burden of primary lashes. Get the most beautiful results for your clients in the shortest amount of time perfect for beginners and those looking to work effectively!

What lash quality do we provide?

The quality of eyelash raw materials affects the price of eyelashes. Cheap raw materials have an advantage in price, but it feels uncomfortable to use. If you wear it for a long time, it will cause eye fatigue, and in severe cases, eye diseases will occur. So from a health standpoint, we don't recommend this cheap raw material.


Highly recommend our Korean PBT. It's softest, blackest, strong, and flexible, can last for over 500+ days, and work better with lash glue. We do shiny finishes and matte finishes that can meet your various needs for eyelash styles.


Use our eyelashes to graft on the natural eyelashes, it will not feel heavy. While comfortable and light, it can also create a thick and slender Barbie effect. Our lashes are voluminous and high density and have a variety of diameters of curls and thicknesses, you can buy more kinds of lash extensions from our lash factory which is very convenient.


And when you take the case of the eyelashes later, they will not stick together when encountering water, so you can easily face any situation that may occur when cleaning the eyelashes. But please note that the eyelashes cannot face high temperature, because it is a flammable item, when drying the eyelashes, do not use an excessively high hair dryer to dry them, please use cold air to dry them at a low speed.


Our lashes have Top quality in China and have competitive prices in the market. We are a lash factory, we can do every lash as you want and at the best prices. As you know, the more eyelash trays you buy in bulk order, the cheaper it will be. Prices will be better according to different amounts.

What can we do special for your private lash trays?

Darebeauty lashes factory has its own professional designers team. They had designed more than 1 million label cards for our customers.


How to design a professional label card for your own lash trays?


Making Label cards can be divided into 5 key points: brand name, LOGO, color, slogan, social media information


First of all, we will choose the spot color that suits you according to your logo, then add small details according to the design of the logo to make your label card more delicate and can be more attractive to your customers to buy and remember. That would have an impression on your lash tray.


Last but not least, slogans and social media information.

Not only will you build your sales channel, but you’ll also get free advertising. These can enhance the value of the brand.


Now that your own label card has been designed, one more step is to choose your own favorite box.

We have plastic boxes and paper boxes for you to choose, from in various colors. Our strong design team will also design the box you want according to your ideas, as before, our customers have designed special-shaped cartons cases, pull-out cartons cases, etc.


You can show us your ideas, we will help you to make them come true!

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