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Handmade Fans VS Premade Fans

Feb 23rd, 2023

Handmade Fans VS Premade Fans

If you have been in the lash world for some days. You must know the difference between handmade fans and premade fans. But which one is better for you? Let’s talk about it today.

First handmade volume fan: created by the lash artist with individual lash fiber. it means the lash artist needs good skills and takes more time than premade fans. but it can create any size of fans/how big the flowers are as your wish then can do a more varied eye look.

First, the artist picks up the right number of fibers from the lash strip and then uses the tweezers or fingers to fan it then drops these into the glue and then places the fans onto the customer’s natural eyelash.


If you want to make beautiful fans. You need to pay a lot of practice/talent/and really hard work here are some advantages of handmade fans:

Customized: this is the main benefit of handmade fans. You can customize the fans with any thickness/curl/length/color according to your customer's eye shape. And also you can decide where to place the eyelashes. It's easier to come true with any charming eye look.

Longer time lasting- the hand-made fans around the natural lashes and usually can last over 4-5 weeks.

Natural looking- the natural setting is not the same length and uniform. Using handmade fans can make a more natural dramatic look.

Lower cost-one tray volume lashes can do 5-7 customers according to the design. But if you want to do one set with premade fans. It needs at least 2-3 trays. And more customers like to pay for your extra time for volume fans with a bespoke look.

The disadvantage of handmade fans: you need pay more time and money on practice .but it will be perfect if you do lots of hardworking.

Taking more time: it will cost more time to make each fan, but you will do it quicker and quicker after more practice. And charge more money for a handmade fan look


What are premade fans?

The premade fans is be made by your supplier. it bonded on the bottom using glue or heat. You can use it straight from the strip. To be honest, it’s pretty quicker and easier to use than handmade fans. First. pick up from the strip using tweezers then put them onto the glue then added to the customer’s eye. but the fans are all same.

Advantage of premade fans: fast and easier. It means you can do more customers in one day.

The disadvantage of premade fans: the cost is much higher than a handmade fan. You need a variety of stock for different sizes like 3D/4D/5D/6D


By the way. The artist can choose different products according to your wish and customer demands. Whether you choose premade fans or handmade fans, the most important is to choose high-quality products.

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